Saturday, January 31, 2009

Got to see Brother

Today I got to see George and it was harder than I thought!! I tried not to cry but im a Handy and the tears flow, I didnt let Johnathon see them though. We got to do it face to face over a phone instead of through the video cameras which was so much better!! He seems ok but I know he is hurting by the few tears that came to his eyes when he saw dad, mom, and I waiting for him to come in.

The only complants he had were that the food was gross. the only good food is the hot dogs!! I miss him so much and want him out but I am starting to realize maybe it is good for him to be in there for a short time but not years!!

He still needs our prayer and support. If anyone wants to write him send it to:
Rock County Jail
Attn. Johnathon Handy
200 E. U.S. Hwy 14
Janesville, WI. 53545

Im sure he would love to hear from us family!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

If Everyone Could Pray!!

The Handy family has had a rough couple of years and right when things were looking up they got worse then they have ever been before. I know everyone who looks at my page is family so im asking if you all could pray for us and for Johnathon. He needs us more now then he ever has before.. He is hurting and is so scared, and there is nothing we can do!! Attorneys for this kind of offense cost between 25 to 50 thousand dollars so all we have is to depend on God. Its really hard for me to do this right now but its all i have got.

Please im asking for as many prayers as I can get!! Johnathons whole life depends on it!!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why does God always have to knock us down?

I know God is with us at all times, but everytime something good starts to go right why does he always through a right jab into my face? I know he is always here but he never answers my prayers. Can anyone explain this to me?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Day of School

Today was my first day of school and it started out with me having to leave early and drive in a blizzard. It took me an hour and a half to get there. First of all campus is so big that I walked three miles just going from class to class, and I only got lost once. Overall it was a great day, I love all of my classes but Biology and am excited to finally be in the last few years of my education. My Associates in Art dipolma should be coming in the mail any day and I cant wait!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well I had my orientation at Northern Illinois University today and it didnt go anything like I had planned. I found out that I will be there for 3 years and not 2 which makes me very unhappy. Also im very torn on what to do about my major, im trying to decide if i want to major in early childhood ed and get my masters in special ed. or do my major in special ed. and get my whole 3 years paid for my the state because of the shortage of teachers need for this field and get my masters in early childhood. Ive wanted to be a teacher my whole life and now i just cant decide what is the best decision for me. I dont want the free schooling to decide my choice I want it to come from my heart and what I feel I want to do for the rest of my life. So im asking if everyone could pray for me to help my decision go a little bit easier. Maybe God has a plan for me and Im just not listening hard enough.

God please show me the way and let me help children, they are all special to me no matter what their abilities are. Just help me decide what is best for my future!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

House Project #2

House Project # 2 Complete

Matt and I got up on New Years Eve morning and started our next project for the house and painted the living room. It was originally all white like everything else in the house and is now flint smoke which is a light grayish color to match the carpet and fireplace. We love it!! We also rearranged the living room which gave it so much more space. The house is slowly but surely coming along and we are so excited to have a new fun change.
you can hardly tell but the first one is the before which is white and the second is the after which is the flint smoke color.

New Years Eve

Partying Like its 2009

First the night started out going to Buffalo Wild Wings for Johnathon's Birthday. Dad, Mindy, Breann, Johnathon, his friend Mike, Matt, and I all went to dinner. It was a lot of fun and Johnathon is now a year older. I think Johnathon was glad to have us all there to help him celebrate. He got new bindings for his snowboard from matt and I, new shirt, hat, and shoes, which he is wearing from dad, mindy, and breann.

After dinner dad, mindy, breann, matt and I all headed down to the Wheel which is a bar close to dads and had a drink to start the night out. Matt and I then headed to my friend Chelsea's for the night. We had a great time hanging out with all out friends and bringing in the new year.

Matt and I

Kaela and Tony

Kyra (who I call Sugar)

Over all it was a great ending to 2008 and a new beginning to 2009. Hope everyones New Year was as great as ours turned out to be!

Hell No!!! I aint going!!

Us Crazy Handy's
Well the day after Grandma Handy's Christmas we all went out to Wanie and Mike's for the day and had a lot of fun being the Handy's. You all know, drinking, playing fun games, laughing, and just being the fun family we are.

To start the story let me just say that Kel and Lucy were in town and Lucy had this fake phone toy that was sitting in the kitchen and out of no where Grandma picked it up and started talking on it and this is what she said.....

(Hell No Noreta Im Not Going to Florida)

Then it became a fun game and we all joined in on the Hell No!! game. And we crazy Handy's ended up with this....

And this.....

And this.....

Oh and I also had to add this picture of my Wanie because it was just so cute and so her!! You will know what i mean.

Vera Bradley accessories Yeah!!!

Christmas 2008

Christmas With All My Family (Its the best time of year!!!)

Christmas at dad's. It's Matt, me, Colten(mindy's nephew), & Breann(Mindy's Daughter)

Here are the love birds, aren't they so cute!

Johnathon and I got really soft blankets and we were saying Oooooooooo so soft!!

This is us making corn casserole. How many people does it take? I guess 3.

Christmas @ Grandma Handy's

There are a lot more pictures from grandma's so look on the next couple of posts.

Here are two more love birds. gosh!!

Me and my Katiebug!

Christmas with Mom!

Mom and Steve playing the Wii. She was really getting into it as you can see, and steve's face was really funny in this picture.

Matt, Me, and George (our christmas picture)

Me and Malice, this was her new sweater from mom for Christmas (how cute)

My baby on Christmas morning with some of the stuff that santa had left for him under the tree.