Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Millers Came to Rockford

Family Time In Rockford
Matts mother, sisters,nieces, and nephew came up to visit us on thursday night! They got here kinda late so we just visited for a while and then went to bed. Friday we woke up and went to the Discovery Museum down the street! It was so much fun and the kids had such a blast that we stayed for about 5 hours, came back to the house to nap and then went to dinner and to get ice cream. After ice cream we went and had a fun time at the park! It was a great trip and it was sad to see everyone go on saturday morning.
Here is everyone on the fire place. What a cute group!

All the Kids being funny and climbing on top of us!

Dana and Michelle the Ancor Women!

Matt trying to make electricity by turning the crank real fast!

And this is the final finale and it is the funniest of all! This is a video of Evan and Emerson being the ancor women at the museum! Evan is so cute and so funny you have to watch!

Gotta love family and time together!!!

Wheel-A-Thon Walk

Rockford Wheel-A-Thon

About a month ago Matt and I did a walk for the Rockford Wheel-A-Thon. Our team raised over $3,000 to help people in our area in wheel chairs. This money goes towards ramps for houses, actual houses, wheel chairs and many other necessities for thier needs! It was a great time and it felt so good to help others!