Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Great Book Everyone Should Read

Since I am not taking any summer classes this summer I decided that I was going to do some educational reading. This was my first book choice and it has been the best one I could have chosen. Temple Grandin is a very special person with Asperger's Syndrome. Aspergers is on the mild spectrum of Autism. Temple is the first person to give us an inside perspective on Autism. I have learned so much from her. She describes in her book how she was diagnosed with Autism as a baby, how she graduated from highschool, graduated from college, and got her PH.D. Most people with Autism are given a label that they will never live up to anything. Grandin takes that label and throws it into the garbage. She provides insight on how to treat an Autism student, how to help them learn, and what parents should expect and do when they have an Autistic child.

After reading this book I feel even more like this is the path I need to be on. Working with special education students is my calling! I cant wait to be done with school and actually get be a teacher, have my dream accomplished, and my passion for working with students started. Again I really recommend this book, even if its just for some good reading.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our New Addition To The Family

Newest Edition

Sorry Everyone for
not updating my blog since last September! But I will be updating it weekly since I am done with school for the summer! Hope you all enjoy!

Here is our puppy Molly when we first got her! Isnt she so darn cute?

Here is Molly and Malice playing nice and loving on each other! This hardly ever happens. They dont usually lay on the same bed with each other!

Here is Molly again in March, as you can see she has grown a lot since we got her in November. She hated that cone but I loved it, she ran into everything and I laughed so hard!

And this is Molly today on May 2nd! She gets bigger and bigger everyday! Currently she weighs 53 pounds and eats about 4 cups of food a day. With her only being 7 months I cant imagine what she will be like at a year! Still love her though just not the hair she leaves in the house!