Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bridal Shower #2

Fowler Bridal Shower
The weekend of March 15th I had my last bridal shower back home in Indiana. It was so great to see all of my family all at once and to actually get to spend time with them! Matt and I recieved a ton of great gifts for our new house and our first camping trip together! We are so excited!! Even Malice liked our gifts(well mostly just the tissue paper)! My family is really the best and went to a lot of trouble to put my shower together, and I am very thankful for what they had to do to make it such a wonderful time! Now we are just waiting for the day Matt and I can renew our vows, the day before our 1 year anniversary!! I cant beleive ive almost been married a year, back up, I cant beleive im married! Haha! I just wanted to let everyone know I had a wonderful time at my shower and I cant wait to see everyone at the wedding!!

My 21st B-Day!!

My 21st Birthday

For my 21st Birthday we went to the Wheel Inn in South Beloit, IL. My husband Matt, my dad and his girlfriend, my mom and her boyfriend, Colette, and some of the people dad works with all came. When I walked into the bar everyone in the bar sang me happy birthday!! It was neat but kinda embarrassing!!
1st drink- Yaeger Bomb(not so good, I gagged)
2nd drink- Miller Lite(the best choice of the night)
3rd drink-strawberry Cheesecake shot which you can see in the picture above
4th drink-Chocalate Cake shot-in the picture below
5th drink-Show of tequila rose(not one of my favorites)
6th drink-Miller Lite(by this time I had become a cheap date cause i was feeling pukish!!
Over all I had a pretty good time, but turning 21 isnt such a big deal! Drinking really isnt my thing, but im glad I got to experience the bar for the first time with my family, the ones that mean the most to me!