Sunday, October 19, 2008

Getting Involved in our Church

Today I met with a lady named Betsy Frost at our church to talk about getting involved in the childrens program. I am now a sunday school teacher at Rockford First Assembly!! I am so excited, I love working with children of course and this is a chance to give me some more experience and get more involved with our church. I dont know what got into me the other day but I called to see if they needed anyone and baam!! I believe God was telling me that I needed to add more of him to my life and this is one way I can do that and pass my knowledge and love for God down to the children!!

Our New T.V

Today Matt and I went out and finally got the T.V. Matt has been wanting for the last 3 months. He was so excited and has been messing with it for the last 2 hours and Im guesing he will be all day!! As you can see from the pictures above he is happy!!

Week Three Complete

Friday I finished week three of my running pod cast.  I think it gets better and better every week.  I love it and not gonna stop.  i just have to get some new running shoes that support me better, which if anyone has any suggestions on which are the best let me know.  Right now im still using my Nike shocks and they suck!! 

As the days get colder i am finding that my lungs are getting used to the cold so I am able to run and breathe properly and no die!! haha!
Well thats all for this week, ill keep you updated on next week, maybe Brooke and I can run together next week when I am home!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Edwards Apple Orchard

Mom, Johnathon and I went to Edwards Apple Orchard over the weekend to get some hot apple cider doughnuts and some wonderful apples. It was a lot of fun and was very neat. A while back we had a horrible tornado touch down about 20 minutes from here, it hit the apple orchard. They have now newly renovated and started to get the place back to the way it was and had amazing pictures of all the damage shown up on the walls. It is crazy what Mother Nature can do in just 4 minutes. Luckily everyone was safe and the Orchard is now back up and running.
Here is a picture of Mom, Johnathon, and I. I miss these kinds of times with my brother!!
After the Orchard we stopped by Demter to see dad and this is what we saw when we pulled up. This is Rick one of the employees at Demeter. One of the other employees made this replica of him next to the break building. I was dying with laughter because Rick doesnt have any teeth and if you look closly this pumpkin Rick only has 3!! Haha. To make it more Halloweenish they stuck a screwdriver and metal rod through his head with blood dripping down. What people do when they have too much time on their hands.

Caden's First Birthday

My Boy is growing up..... My godson Caden Bouslog turned one year old on September 25th and we had his birthday party for him on the 27th!! I cant believe he is one already. Its so neat to see all of the changes he has gone through during this first year and how much he has grown into a little man!!

His mother got him his own little birthday Blue's Clues Cake and then everyone else got this big cake!! The look on his face was priceless. He had no idea what to do with his cake so daddy Coley had to show him. He then got the hang of it and Godmomma Megan got the priveledge of giving him a bath before he opened his gifts!!! They always give me the fun jobs!

Fowler Town Fun

I have been about three weeks behind on my posts so i am putting them all up now. Sorry Everyone!! Anyway Matt and I went out to our friend Kaela and Tony's for a tractor race a few weekends ago. I was prepared for it well living in Fowler and all but Matt I dont think this is what he had in mind. It reminded me so much of home and was so much fun! After you see the pictures you will see why.

*This first picture is a picture of the track in thier back yard!!*This is my friend Brian, on his tractor(lawn mower).*You cant see all of the tractors but there were about 10 people racing. What they have to do is each time they go around the track twice they have to stop at the pit and down a beer, put their forehead on a baseball bat and go round and round, then get back on and do it again. I have never seen something so funny in my entire life. It really mad me miss home!!

Matts 25th Birthday

On September 22nd my hubby turned 25 years old. Can you believe that? I cant! But anyway we did a little celebrating a couple weekends before when his parents were out but on his real birthday we took a trip to Best Buy and got him his new ipod nano(even though we now have 3 ipods). For anyone who doesnt know Matt is upsessed with technology especially apple products, so this new Ipod was the highlight of his day! As you can see below!

Mom gave him a cake at work for his birthday too and this is what he did with it!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Week one Complete

Well I finished my first week of running and wow do I feel different.  I forgot how good running felt and just how relaxing it was.  Every time  I run I listen to my ipod and get lost in how beautiful the scenery around me is.  The leaves are starting turn into the wonderful shades of red, orange, and yellow as the trees slowly shed them.  I love fall except the cold weather going into my lungs.  I guess I should stop smoking too!! Cant wait to start week number two and get a little better and stronger so I can reach my goal!! Brooke I can see why you do it but I still think your crazy for how far you go!!