Saturday, April 18, 2009

Father & Son

Here is the latest poem from Johnathon that he wrote for dad! It will make you cry!

O, how I miss those Days,
sitting there fishing, But in a haze.
Watching how he does it,
making sure I am doing it right,
And keeping my line tight.
O,how I miss those Days,
Riding my Bike down the road,
looking in the creek for that big old toad.
Missing those winter days.
Riding in the truck,
through the country
hoping not to get stuck.
How I miss those Days,
coming home from work together,
cleaning up, sitting down,
eating pizza and watching T.V. together.
Missings those nights of him.
Falling asleep in the chair,
waiting to hear him say......
I am resting my eyes,
which is nothing But lies.
Everythings dissappearing,
But I'll always remember hearing.......
Him telling me those four words.
I love you son.
I'll never forget those days,
I love you DAD.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Check this Out!!

First of all Happy Easter Everyone!! I wish I could be with you today but you know how life goes. I want to share a poem with all of you that my brother wrote. He has been writing a lot of poems and this one we published on for him.
If Only, If Only
I thought you were different, I still don't know.If only, If only you could of seen, what else I had to bring.If only, If only you would of stuck around,you would of seen a new side of town.You say you were scared of me.I don't know why?If only, If only you'd give it a try.Maybe I am wrong about you,I haven't a clue.But all day I still think about you.If only, If only I could hear from you.So I know what to do.I haven't heard from you,that's probably a clue,So I guess I can't have you.If only, If only.
Johnathon Handy
Copyright ©2009 Johnathon Handy
Here is the link if you would like to check it out on your own. It is awesome, something I could have never done because I am just not a writer but it sounds like to me that he is a great one! Love you all!