Monday, May 11, 2009


Mother's Day

For mother's day Mom, Steve, and George came over for a cook out at our house. It was such a nice day that we were able to sit outside to eat and talk. It was a lot of fun just to hang out with everyone and be with my brother made my and mom's day so good.
Me and My Brother

The first picture is of me hiding mom with her squezing her face through. The second we tried to take a nice family picture but it didnt turn out the best. The third is me and my handsome, hot hubby!!

Matt's New Toy

2003 Honda VTX 1800

Here is Matt's New baby. As all of our friends are having kids we are buying dangerous Motorcycles to have fun on. There is plenty of time for kids right now is our time to have fun and do fun things together so.........

Here is Matt on his bike. Can you see his smile. When he got this I was so scared and held on so tight that Matt could drive confortably. We have rode quite a few times now and I am used to it and actually love it. And yes Wanie my HELMET just came in so im safe!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Updates on the Millers and Handys

Well pictures are soon to follow this blog with fun new additions to Matt and I's life. But right now I just want everyone to know that my brother is HOME!!! YEAH!! He is my old brother and I love it, I have spent 3 out of the 4 days with him so far and each and every day make me cry because it is just so wonderful to get to spend quality time with him and him enjoy it. Second of all I changed my major on friday with a counselor at school to special education. I am so excited and know that this is the best choice I could have ever made for my future. God put this wonderful feeling on my heart and I knew this was my future occupation. I cant wait to help all th children out there who are singled out because of a disability when they are just the same as everyone else. After my bachelors that I will receive in 2 more yrs I will be going for my masters degree to specialize in autism!! Yeah I finally know what im going to do and am going to have to work really hard to get it done!

Mindy, her aunt Debbie and another lady are opening their own salon so they have been so busy working on that and making it their own. It is now finished and looks amazing, dad did a great job on everything. The long hours really paid off! Pictures will follow once I charge the battery on my camera.

Matt and I added a Honda VTX 1800 to the family. If you dont know what this is its a motorcyle and again pictures will follow. I trip to Indiana will follow as well this summer on it so you can all see it. I was really nervous and scared to ride on it at first but now I love it!
Well I guess that is all for now. I love you all and wish me luck on my finals next week!