Monday, June 22, 2009

Camping in South Haven Michigan with the Miller's

South Haven, MI
Camping with Matt's Family

Here is Our niece and nephew Paige and Colson at the beach. We went on so many walks to the beach because the kids loved sticking their feet in the water even though it was 50 degrees. It was a hoot watching them look for cool rocks and shell from Lake Michigan! They are all so precious!

Here is Matt and Emerson(another neice) but Emmy was not looking. The next picture is of the girls making smores. They ate so many marsh mellows it wasnt even funny!

Here is Evan (another neice) after eating a marsh mellow! She is so funny and loves being a littel goof ball!!

While we were there Michelle(Matt's sister), Mike (Matt's dad), and I joined the 5k walk/run at the park on saturday morning. We took Michelles dog Abby with us for the walk. It was a lot of fun and we all got a free t-shirt from the park and McDonalds free items. I decided to run the last mile but it was a lot of fun. We also did some accidental hiking through the woods after going up some sand dones that looked like paths that went no where but where we were not supposed to be.

Here are some other pictures of the just the beautiful sceanery that was there. And me in the woods.

This is little Mya walking on the beach which I thought was so cute! and the dune we climbed up!

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