Monday, June 22, 2009

Girls Weekend

Girls Weekend with the Besties!

So I met up with Katie bug and Amanda in Utica, IL for a fun girls weekend which turned out to be a really fun weekend with Megan drinking a little too much and puking and Amanda and Kate making fun of me in the moring. We stayed at the Grand Bear Resort that had a arcade, swimming pool, amusement park, golf, and many bars inside and outside...

This is Kate and Amanda on a ride that I would not go on which they said was not that great at all but I stood back and took pictures anyway. I love Kate's scared face and Amandas face that looks like she is having so much fun!

Here is me and my Katie Bug at dinner/another bar waiting for our food to come out which her and Amanda ate in the mornign cold which is soooooo gross!!!

And here are the pictures of our last day which we took at the entrance of the hotel inside and outside. We thought the wooden bear was really cool!!!! Kate tried to ride it but we didnt get a pic of that ! Over all it was a really fun girls weekend and I cant wait to schedule another one real soon! Love you girls!

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Grandma Wanda said...

There is nothing better then "girls weekends". Keep making these memories!