Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Sunday Date


Matt and I took the bike on a little ride today through the country to Byron, IL. The road we take follows along the Rock Rivers lined with trees. Its one of the most beautiful, relaxing scenery that you could ever see. We took this road into Byron and stopped at Sam's drive in dinner for lunch! After lunch we kept on riding along the river to Oregon. Here are some pictures of how beautiful it is!

We had a great time together, talking and riding. We then stopped back in Byron and went to a some winery there. I had heard about the place on the radio and it sounded interesting to me even though I dont really drink. We stopped in and tried the harvest apple wine made there from Illinois apples and I bought my first bottle of real wine! Well see if I actually drink it though! hehe! Overall it was a great day! matt and I havent done this in a really long time. I love him so much! he is the best husband in the world!


Anonymous said...

You two look like rock stars! Ride on!

Grandma Wanda said...


Megan Miller said...

Wanie we took our helmets off to walk around the river! I wore it dont worry!